New Auckland

Hi everyone  here's my new proposed reclaim plan for you to consider and get behind       Sincere regards Bruce Morgan


New Auckland Map

   Reclaiming Land for Auckland

New Auckland    Block off the harbour at the Auckland harbour bridge  the bridge length is 1020 meters the actual land points are well below this most likely around 800 meters. The one off cost to do this would be cheap get a large overseas contractor to do this in a short time.

The harbour has bedrock of slate and sandstone at approximately 33 meters below mean sea level.
The bridge site has up to 15 meters of sediment above the bedrock.
 Suggested method to block the gap   Build a large car park next to the bridge with large deep foundations and behind this large hotels with deep foundations to underpin the car park

Information on international reclaimed land projects.  

 The Netherlands.   The Netherlands old maps        Hong Kong airport video

 China     Methods used

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Violent crime solution for New Zealand     (coming soon)

A video about old Auckland  I made this video and music about Auckland its an anthem for Auckland.


A couple of new songs  

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