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How to fix Auckland traffic and housing



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The local News in New Zealand
The morning news shuts down from mid December till mid February and It takes
4 people to read the news
there is very low local news content mainly infomercials,  (shops and hospitals are still open). Cameras are cheap now why not get some news from local towns and businesses' and New Zealand people.

We all know there are sheep and cows on the farms.
And less moron shows like UKs got talent and USA'S got talent where
celebrities get 95% of the camera time and the contestants are made to look
like fools and are judged by how loud they can scream where's the new Zealand talent?.
There are many people in the country who cannot walk or move and are in homes and
hospitals old people or house bound
who need to feel like they are still in the country (home sweet home NZ) who
are forced to watch overseas news channels much
of this is spoken in pigeon  English further disorienting the public.
......why?  why?   why?   why?   why?
Why is there no morning news in the weekends? from 6am to 9am like weekdays ?.

There are many people in the country who cannot walk or move who are In homes and
hospitals old people or house bound or have maybe had a stroke at 40.
Who can not run around kicking balls or jumping of cliffs?.
While the media is laying in bed drinking wine ..these deadheads have not heard of
24 hour services like hospitals and the normal working New Zealand people.



Some recent News

The Christchurch mosque murders 50 people died plus many injured.

15.3. 2019 still getting 100% of the news time now 23.3.2019   10 days .


during this time there is little news about the rest of the country for instance 900 people died  in New Zealand

having various deaths from accidents,health,murder,etc. we did not see any interviews' with the family's and

friends of these people and we did not see the news media attending the funerals of these people or

the prime minister wearing a military uniform in support for those who maybe served this country who passed away.


News from 8 years ago

The Pike River Mine disaster 29 people died in this disaster

The Pike River Mine disaster coal mining accident that happened on 19 November 2010 at Greymouth

To bring your attention to this during this time from November 2010  till November 2018  

262,800 people died  in New Zealand having various deaths from accidents,health,murder,etc.

The Pike river disaster is still running .


What's happening in New Zealand?, The media have not heard of places like Wanganui,

New plymouth, Palmerston North,  Dunedin, Whangarei, Rotorua,+++++ Manurewa

(get a map)? or try Google

What are the real people and small Business's doing in New Zealand ?.


Regular repeating crap

Cannabis, Celebrities promoting themselves, Gangs,  gay promotion,


New Zealand Local Music

Not in New Zealand 100% overseas content.

Radio don't care about New Zealand people, They still promote the dead artists like the are still living just tune in to coast radio to verify this.

What about a local hit parade for New Zealand artists this would help many to get a start and would not cost big bucks using local people. and judged by the people of New Zealand not by the current morons.


There also needs to be a mainstream radio station exclusive for New Zealand artists to send their work where they will talk to artists on the phone and answer there correspondence the current system is not working.

There used to be hit parades on New Zealand radio 70 years ago  at 5.30 pm till 6pm just before the 6 o'clock news

What happened?



There was a program once that I can remember over the last 10 years on

Maori TV. called My country song a great show.



Some recent observations at Supermarkets

This is not directed at all supermarkets maybe you have noticed this also

When shopping at the supermarket a few days ago and going through the checkout I noticed the young girl serving us was looking a bit pale and I said to her won't be long and you can knock off for the day, she replied I stop in 3 hours at 10pm my shift is 12 hours, I noticed there was no stool for this girl to sit on this appears to be the same in all supermarkets. a couple of weeks prior I saw a girl faint at the checkout and be replaced, supermarkets can afford a $40 stool from the wharehouse. ( that's why they never smile ) or maybe they are not paid enough, A smile to a customers would make them spend more $$$$$$ and put profit on their bottom line.

Also why do all staff wear black uniforms in supermarkets this is very depressing it seems like a funeral and is also disorienting to customers the country is not at war presently we are not in the middle east.

Are we not trying to promote tourists here this is a big turn off for many people.


Below is a suggested new uniform to brighten things up a bit (note the pastel shades)

50 years ago they looked smart and smiling with fresh looking uniforms and a stool to sit on, Its not like this now in some of the third world supermarkets round manukau, They also had manners and could say please and thank you as well.


Here in Auckland most of the staff cannot speak English on the checkouts and where there is two people of the same nationality together serving you are ignored totally and must use sign language.  (must be bad for business)




This is not New Zealand anymore

Years ago while listening to parliament on the radio they were discussing the population growth of new Zealand and I can remember some saying that to keep the country growing we need a 3% net increase in population to keep the country stable and growing this is after all deaths,births,and departures.

This appears to be a good idea but in reality young kiwis are getting educated and leaving the country and many never return under the current system,

The new top up population mainly aim for Auckland causing allien ghettos like Manukau,Papatoetoe, Botany Downs,where little English is now spoken.

Note when the young Kiwi's leave its from all over New Zealand not just Auckland

Governments of the last 25 years have and still take no control over the incoming  immigrants to this country and allow them to live all in the same spots around the country creating foreign countries within New Zealand,


A suggestion to fix this problem would be that all incoming immigrants would have to live where directed for the first 15 years in this country, family's would be kept together and there names put into a draw similar to lotto where there names would be tied to a town in New Zealand and make the population spread proportional to the size of the town or city and during this time if they are found living out of that area they would be deported and replaced by new immigrants.

(after 15 years their Kiwi children would not want to move to auckland because all there mates are there.)

The benefits of this would be that their children would mix into the kiwi life faster and take root in that town ensuring that the mix of population in the school classrooms would be more English speaking.

In some school classrooms in Auckland a class of 30 pupils could be a mix of 10% kiwi and 90% non English speaking causing broken or pigeon English to be used.

And also (who would want to be a teacher in this class?)  they would need a translator to communicate to their pupils.




Controlling the world social media

Well its good to see Jacinda doing her best trying to the get world leaders together to control these pirates.

A few suggestions to do this could be

1. A license and tax number for every country like a radio station to operate.

2. The owners and directors of these web sites would need to personally guarantee taxes and public damage

3. All post would need approval before this site you are on now.

???? thats if you can find our website


News flash Cannabis is still in the news everyday just turn your tv on.


New posts comming soon







Call over and share for world peace


As you can see  above 3 people do not want world peace,they walk among us.



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