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Music composer and artist from Auckland New Zealand



   Orchestral music by Bruce Kiwi Morgan                   

The Auckland digital symphony orchestra conducted by Bruce Kiwi Morgan

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Breaking news Don Smythe a leading New Zealand country artist has moved up in the world charts

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Down western highway





The treaty of Waitangi




Take me back


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America's cup 2021 New Zealand


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1. Auckland
2. Don't kiss the women
3. Just in case

4.Hold my hand my darling
5. Strings of Love
6. Picking the Roses
7. Lets love another day
8. Sun on the wall
9. Happy farmer
10. Morning Train
11. Most things are alright
12. I get Lonely

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A  little ripper  

Feel Good Time





Songs they don't play on New Zealand radio stations



Fat People


 Orchestral music by Bruce Kiwi Morgan






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Music they don't play on New Zealand Radio Stations

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