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A Song for our prime minister





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Home Is New Zealand


 A Bit of New Zealand Album

Compilation Video 

A Bit of New Zealand Album track list

1.Happy Farmer  2. Home is New Zealand  3. The Rest Home Blues   4. My Island Girl  5. Stuck in the Traffic  6. Doggy Doo's 

7. Rotorua  8. Christchurch Earthquake  9. My Mum  10. Manurewa  11. Petone  12. The Black Boat




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Hold my hand my darling Album

Compilation video


Album Track List

1. Strings of Love   2. Sun on the wall   3. Don't kiss the Women   4. Dreams are coming true   5. Most Things are Alright  6. Just in Case 

7. Hold My Hand My Darling  8. I Get Lonely   9. Morning Train   10. I'm Picking the Roses for You  11. Let's Love Another Day   12. Do You Still Love Me 






Send us an email to recieve our banking detail include your email address that you want the album delivered to, after payment has been recieved we will dispatch the album to you.

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A  little ripper   Feel Good Time




The Waitangi Song



Lyric's for the Waitangi Song

They all went to Waitangi emotion stirred the day they went to sign the treaty
the cheers were loud they say they shared the pork and puha rubbed noses on that day
they gathered close together and closed there eyes to pray

New Zealand is our country we thank you lord this day this land is for our children
we're kiwis on this day we’ll keep it all together forgive each others ways
the hills will play our music  and god will guide our ways

children of New Zealand we are born together underneath the south sky
we are joined in love our mothers and our fathers made us into kiwis
they loved this land together and that love is our today

we've shared some stormy weather and lived some beauty days we've got to stick together
and never lose our ways we’ll play each others music and think before we say
the lord he gave us patience for love to guide our way



Wedding Song





Covid Sky 2020


Love's on a holiday





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4. To use in a USB stick and make a playlist, right click on the song file and select copy next put the USB stick into the USB port in your computer and right click and paste the song files onto your USB stick. after completing create a new folder or as many folders as you may require and rename folders to suite.

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