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Bruce Kiwi Morgan  Singer songwriter from Auckland New Zealand.

Bruce Kiwi Morgan


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Some history about Bruce Kiwi Morgan

At the age of six I had my first experience with music my mother gave me a ukulele and a friend of my elder brother Bill Jones gave me some lessons I can still remember the tuning sequence (my dogs got fleas).

My Dad was musical and showed me how to play the harmonica and accordion, At 8 Mum enrolled me at the Petone convent for piano and classical music and singing study. At 12 years old I had tuition in modern music and learned chord system based music by Bruce Cook And during the years 8-12 was part of a touring concert party playing in Stan Prestonís Harmonica Band.

 While studying at the Hutt Valley Memorial Technical College I was in the choir and orchestra and tried the violin and flute and we used to practice the hallelujah chorus from Handelís Messiah for the annual concert at the Wellington town hall also played piano at pubs and rugby clubs at Petone and moved to live in Birkenhead Auckland in 1962. At 35 I learned to play Keyboards and electronic organ and at 45 became interested in composing and song writing I have written many songs including Classical, Christian, Country, Rock, New Zealand music, Easy listening.

Iíve been a member of NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association) U.S.A. APRA New Zealand since 1985. At 46 years old I began learning how to record music and started with a 2 track tape recorder next a Fostex 4 track then progressed to Cakewalk and Digidesign Session 8 and Jammer Professional.

And for the past 20 years have been using and studying Steinburg Cubase midi and audio recording system and are currently using Cubase Proffesional.





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