Auckland  2025

Hi everyone  well here it is for you          regards Bruce Morgan


New Auckland 2025


Completed project 2025  The city's finances fixed.  Housing Fixed. Traffic gridlock Fixed. Parking fixed. Rates reduced.

Completed project 2025  30 x lane North South motorways and  30 x lane East West motorways 15 x lanes each side. the motorways would be custom to link up with old Auckland, also some dedicated autobahn lanes to move things along. (Auckland's  moving fast now)

Completed project 2025  1000,000  (one million)  car parks right in the city. free monorail- or electric tram-to the city center from the car park or enjoy the 15 minute walk
Completed project 2025  Rugby stadium 10 times larger built at a fraction of the cost. The old proposed idea was to build it in the Auckland harbour with no way to get to the game and get home.
Completed project 2025 Kiwi world entertainment leisure centre.  (similar to Disneyland) Tourism has increased by 50% now

Completed project 2025 Bruce Kiwi Morgan world arts and music centre. brought in another few million visitors and tourists here by using the correct promotions. 

Unemployment fixed  2025   (The unemployed are all now working on new Auckland)


Completed project 2025 New environment friendly waste disposal plant close to the city now installed.

Sweden has this sorted and so can we         Visit Sweden waste recycling

Completed project 2025  Water supply in and out reduced by 90% of current price

Imagine the  Housing extra close to the city  this would increase the current land area of Auckland by approximately 50% I'm not sure how many square kilometers of land would be created

The Moaners   are all happy now no flies or moquitos and a beautiful walkway and cycle track and barbque areas. all around new auckland.

Information on international reclaimed land projects.  

 The Netherlands.   The Netherlands old maps        Hong Kong airport video

 China     Methods used

New Zealand Dam projects.  Benmore dam    Clyde dam   Arapuni Power Station and Dam

Manapouri Power Station   Waikato river dams       U.S.A   Hoover dam

The violent crime solution     >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>     I will post later

A video about old Auckland  I made this video and music about Auckland its an anthem for Auckland.



Kiwis can fly
Giday a kiwi can song
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  Love is still out there

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