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horizon bleu Album

1.across the river. 2.I'll change for you. 3.Since you called. 4.North bound baby. 5.Ceceilia. 6.Crazy for love. 7.Nice work if you can get it. 8.Late night blues. 9.Guilty. 10.Devil in distress. 11.Three nights baby. 12.horizon bleu.
Nice work if you can get it
Late night Blues
I'll change for  you




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Al Ward,
Al has a dry sense of humour and enjoys life to the max on the banks of the Waikato river in Hamilton and has the perfect back drop for any outdoor concert or jam on a fine Sunday arvo.

Al has been playing in and out of bands since the 1960s, mainly rhythmn guitar & keyboard. Then in the late 1980s he learnt bass and started writing songs.

He has won the Amateur section of The Golden Guitar in Gore a few years ago and also has two albums out called "Horizon Bleu" with the band Miraj and "Down to the Wire" with Quicksilvar.

He is currently the NZ co-ordinator for NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International ) in the USA. He plays mainly original material live


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